Sunday, 3 June 2018

Principles of Success that Never Fails

Resident in every one is the natural ability to turn failure to success, despair to hope, sadness to joy. No human being is born to be a failure, we are only products of our attitudes, mindset, behavior, environments & lifestyles. To change failure to success, you must be willing to begin anew, to make a new start & to chart a new course for your life. 

If you want to get better result, you must change your methods of doing things.  It is impossible for you to do things the same way & expect better results. Change is very, very important if you want to succeed in life. You need to change your entire ideology, mindset, philosophy & attitude for you to succeed in life. 

To turn failure into success you must be willing to "burn your bridges behind you." Don't dwell on the failure of the past. Forget yesterday. It is gone forever! Live in the now. 

In the game of life, you  must realise that success or failure, happiness or joy is up to you. Success does not come about as a result of chance, luck, accident or good fortune. It is not inherited (like wealth or money). Success is borne out of applied knowledge - wisdom & hard work. Someone has defined success as the progressive realization of predetermined worthwhile goals, stabilized with balance & purified by belief". You must be willing to pay the price.   

The following principles has to be put in motion if you desire success & they include: 

  • carrying out an honest evaluation your life.
  • work hard, think big, & dream big.
  • set realistic goals.
  • have a clear, workable plan.
  • have a plan B.
  • back up your plan with action.
We are going to look at each principle one after the other. 

Carry out an honest evaluation your life

The first vital principle of success is to carry out an honest evaluation your life. Where are you now? What are the things that you have done or allowed that have kept at the point where you are? Are you satisfied with your progress? What are the causes of your failures- laziness, indiscipline, carelessness, overconfidence, unorganized attitude, lack of concentration, lack of goal & the will to do what needs to be done? Make an honest evaluation & resolve not to allow the past to cloud your future. Resolve to move forward & not repeat the mistakes of the past. Be ready to turn every stumbling block into a stepping stone. It is said that "where there is a will, thre is a way". Never settle for anything less, but resolve to put in your best & make a success of your life. You can make it. You will make it! 

Work hard, think big, & dream big

The second principle of success is to work hard, think big, & dream big. If you aim at nothing, you will get nothing. A desire not backed by action, remains a mere wishful thinking. 

Set realistic goals

You have to set realistic goals that are achievable. Goals that will have to do with your major aim or chief purpose in life. Without a goal, you will drift with the tide. Break down your goals into daily & weekly activities (short term goals). Eliminate every distraction & keep to your goal. Remember that "when the goal-posts are down,the game is over"- so also is the game of life. 

Have a clear, workable plan

Another very vital principle of success is to have a clear, workable plan. He who fails to plans, plans to fail. Working without a plan (time-table) is like going to sea without a compass. Plan well but be flexible when the need calls for it. Write out your plan as a guide or chart or blueprint to follow.

Have a plan B

Also have a plan B to fall back on in case your plan A fails. 

Back up your plan with action

You must back up your plan with action. Purpose without work is dead. Don't be discouraged by obstacles in your pathway to success. A Polish proverb says that "He that wishes to eat the nut, doesn't mind cracking the shell". Act immediately & avoid procrastination. You must learn that "Whatsoever a man sow, that shall he also reap". Sow seeds of success & success will smile at you.                      

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