Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Buy Shares, Invest in Crowd 1 & Earn Weekly Dividends

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Before you invest your money in Crowd1 read this information below
We were told that you could make money with Crowd1 even though you were sleeping but we have just discovered that that is not the truth. Because on June 15th 2020, Crowd1 paid out the so called Crowd1 rewards & what was paid was not even up to 1% of money that was invested. 
Crowd1 is referral business from what we have seen after June 15th 2020 you can only make money in Crowd1 when you refer others into the system.  without referal you are not going to make even 5% of your capital in 1 year. So please think twice before you put your money in Crowd1  please. People will lie to you how you will be paid within 3 month & many other lies but please run away if you know you can't refer people into Crowd1. For more information whatsapp +2348038295185


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  5. Why thay lie to us that crowd1 is selling shares and I put my monoeny in crowd1 for shares

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