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Boosting your Blood Levels with Pumpkin Leaves Extract, Nature's Blood Tonic

Pumpkin leaves

There are times when we experience blood shortages & at such times you might need to help the body boost blood production. Do you know that you can actually boost your blood level naturally without any drug, swallowing any tablet or drinking a blood syrup(tonic).

Pumpkin leaves is commonly called "Ugwu" by the Ibos of eastern Nigeria or "Ikong Afere" by the Ibibios & Efiks of south-south region of Nigeria. It is a leaf that is highly medicinal & has a lot of health benefits.

For someone who is experiencing blood shortage or who has been very sick such that the blood level has decrease to a critical point, the person's blood level can actually be boosted by pumpkin leaves extract. There may be times in our lives when we experience blood shortages & at such times you might need to help the body stimulate blood production. 

Blood shortages can actually lead to extreme body weakness, fatigue, undernourishment, dizziness, fainting or feeling of fainting, iron deficiency which can lead to anaemia. Blood shortages can weakens ones immune system, and can cause someone to look pale & physically weak. 

Now pumpkin leaves extract can actually be used to bolster, boost, improved, & increase blood levels as quickly as possible, faster than can be achieve with any drug. So if you anyone suffering from blood shortage, iron deficiency, anemia, or who is recovering from illness such as malaria & typhoid or who was involved in accident & lost a lot of blood there is no cause for alarm because with pumpkin leaves extract this problem can be solved.

Pumpkin Leaves Extract Blood Tonic

How to Prepare Pumpkin Leaves Extract Blood Tonic

Materials needed:

Pumpkin leaves, Water, Salt, Blender( Electric preferably), Filter


  1.  Wash your hands thoroughly.
  2.  Get a handful of pumpkin leaves
  3.  Pluck the leaves from the stalk.
  4.  Wash the leaves thoroughly with water & salt to make to destroy any disease causing microorganism that might have attached itself to the leaves. 
  5.  Put the leaves into a blender with a moderate amount of water.
  6.  Blend the mixture in step 5 till the liquid turns greenish.
  7.  Filter off the greenish liquid extract from the crushed leaves.
  8.  Keep the greenish liquid extract for consumption.

Your blood tonic(liquid extract) is now ready for consumption.


You can add liquid or powdered milk to the liquid extract & stirred before drinking to increase the potency of the mixture. The mixture should be drank immediately after being prepared because it sours if left to stand for a long time.

A diabetic patient, elderly person or senior citizen should take it without milk. 

Take the extract for three consecutive days & you will feel it within you that your blood level has been boosted. You will also feel physically stronger. 

Someone who is anaemic can take the mixture once or twice every week.

The extract is also very good for a man who has just gotten married as it is going to replenish his blood & boost sperm production.   

Please share this information with others as you may be saving a soul in the process. 

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