Monday, 20 June 2016

The Health Benefits of Eating Ewedu for Quick, Smooth, Painless Delivery during Labor for Pregnant Women

Posted by Sammy Aniekan

Ewedu(Jute) leaves & Soup 

Labor is hardly a pleasant experience for pregnant women. Many women pass through varying degrees of labor. In some cases labor may be prolonged, delayed, painful, hard. Some women go to the hospital and deliver in no time at all while some experience serious delays with intense pains. In some cases labor may prolonged for more than one day.

It has been observed especially among the Yoruba speaking community of Nigeria that pregnant women who eat ewedu soup made from ewedu leaves frequently experience quick, smooth, almost painless delivery. This may be due to the slippery nature of the ewedu soup, maybe it creates a smooth, slippery, friction-less environment inside the female reproductive system. The truth is that this claim has not been substantiated by science but there is no harm in eating ewedu as it is actually safe for pregnant women.
                        Ewedu is a green leafy vegetable that is called Jute leaves in English. The leaves is used to prepare a slimy syrup that is eaten with stew. It is commonly eaten among-st the Yoruba speaking community of western Nigeria. Click on this link to learn how how to prepare the soup.

Please share your personal experience with us in the comments section if you are a mother or you know anyone who has experience smooth, quick delivery by consuming ewedu soup. Thanks.  
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