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The Health & Nutritional Benefits of African Cherry( Agbalumo or Udara)

African Cherry (Agbalumo or Udara)

African cherry also known as African star apple is a tropical fruit that is common to Africa with a lot of health & nutritional benefits.It is referred to as Agbalumo & Udara among the Yorubas & Igbos of Nigeria respectively. It is very cheap & affordable. 

African Cherry is scientifically called Chrysophyllum albidum or Chrysophyllum africanum.  It exist in large quantities in the southern part of Nigeria.
African cherry is valuable for it's edible qualities as well as it's health & nutritional benefits.
African cherry is highly valued for its milky juice & reddish inner flesh. The tasty flesh that covers the seed is also edible.

What are the Health & Nutritional Benefits of African Cherry

The Health & nutritional benefits of eating African cherry are listed below:
  1. It is a rich source of vitamin A & C.
  2. It is a rich source of calcium thus strengthening the bones & the teeth.
  3. It can prevent scurvy (a disease caused by lacked of vitamin C).
  4. It serves as a natural source of Anti-Oxidant booster.
  5. It helps in weight loss.
  6. It helps to fight against cancer.
  7. It helps to lower blood sugar therefore it is useful in the prevention & treatment of diabetes.
  8. It lowers cholesterol & is therefore useful in preventing & treating heart diseases.
  9. It has higher contents of ascorbic acid than oranges & guava.
  10. It is a good source of iron.
  11. It may be used for treating hypertension & intestinal problems.
  12. The seed contains calories which are beneficial to the body.
  13. The seed may be used to treat diarrhea, reduce fever, & cure sore throat & constipation.
  14. It is even rumored to decrease HIV/AIDS viral load.

How is African Cherry Consumed

Simply picked up the fruit; apply pressure on it by pressing it with one one hand or both hands, depending on it's size. Lick up the milky juice that emerges until it is no longer succulent. Then, proceed to open it fully so you can have access to the flesh-covered seed & the juicy inner flesh. 

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