Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Four D(s) of Success Part 1

There are certain ingredients associated with success and they are:
1) Desire,
2) Decision,
3) Deligence &
4) Determination

To be a successful scholar you need to have this ingredients in your life or success will be far from you.

Looking at the first ingredient


You can never be successful when you don't desire it. What you don't appreciate can never locate you. For success to locate you, you must first of all have inner craving for it.  You have to pang, hunger and thirst seriously for it. 

Have this mindset that if I don't succeed I am going to die. Failure must never be an option in your dictionary. 

After desire the next ingredient on your path to success is 


Success never locates you just by desire alone. You need to take positive decisions and take positive  steps that would put you on the pathway of Success. As a scholar you may make the decision that when in class you are going to listen attentively to the teacher, maintain maximum concentration, & never be distracted by any other thing. You can make the decision to have a workable time-table.

You can make the decision not to watch movies for more than 3 hours in a week. You can also make the decision not to engage in idle talk. You can also make the decision to always do your homework always. You can also make the decision to use your pocket-money to buy text-books. Eliminate decisions that will be detrimental to your future success.

In making decisions you are going to faced with multiple choices. Some choices are going to look good but on close examination you will discover that they are choices that derail you from the path of success.

The 3rd ingredient on your path of success is Deligence which we will be looking at in part 2 of our write-up.

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