Sunday, 15 November 2015

Learning from the Ants as a Students

You can actually learn a lot from the life-style of the ant as a student or pupil.

The ant is one of the most industrious living organism. It is very very wise and organized. The ant is one of the few animals that can never die from starvation. It is always prepared. It never gives up when it encounters obstacles, stumbling blocks, hindrances or challenges. It always surmounts every challenge that comes across its ways. The ant always gathers food during the harvest period. During this period the ant works 24/7 gathering every-bit of food that it can found. During the winter when every where is frozen it shuts itself in and eats that which it had gathered during the period of harvest,

The ant is a unique creature that can accomplish what actually looks impossible. The ants can actually lift objects that are 20 times heavier than it's own body mass .This implies that a man of mass 60 kg with similar strength will be able to lift a load of 1200kg. They can build structures that are 500 times their own height & that are even stronger that cement structures. An example is an ant-hill which is very difficult to destroy. The ants have 2 stomachs, one for storing up food to share with others the other for stomach for their own personal use

The ants teach us a lesson about productivity, efficiency, paticipation & unity. To be productive as a student you need a plan. When you look at the ant you see them running around with a plan & a mission to accomplish. When an ant tries to lift some thing that is greater than it's strength other ants will volunteer to assist till the object is lifted. When a subject is giving you tough time as a student seek the help of other students that you know understands that subject more than you do

As a scholar never wait for test or exams before you open your books to study. Study what you are expected to know and the one that you may not be expected to know at that point in time. What you know can never be stolen from you. The rainy day will always come when you will have to tap into your reservoir of knowledge to scale an hurdle & when you are prepared you won't be find wanting.

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