Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Benefits of Making the Right Choice in Choosing a Career

What is a Career?

According to the business dictionary a Career can be defined as the progress & actions taken by a person throughout a lifetime, especially those related to that person's occupation. One might have a career in engineering but might work in different firms occupying different positions in the cause of his or her life-time.

Making the right career choice is the first step to having a successful career. A lot of youths make mistakes when it comes to them choosing a career. If you don't want your life to be fill with misery, sorrow, pain, & regret you need to be very, very careful in choosing a career .


Why Do Youths Find it Difficult to Choose the Right Career?

Many youths find it difficult to choose a career or make the right choice because they are not adequately informed & you can become deformed when you are not informed. A lot of youths are limited in their choices to common & popular careers such as Law, Engineering, Accountancy, Medicine etc. 

Many others fail to take some very crucial factors into consideration when making their choice & as a result they end up living a life of had I known & loose fulfillment & satisfaction in life. 
Take the case of a youth who actually wants to pursue a career in medicine & surgery but yet faints at the mere sight of blood. How would such an individual cope with a human corpse in medical school during practical sessions.
Take the case of a student who wants to pursue a career in engineering but yet dislikes mathematics with passion how will such a student be able to cope if he gains admission to study any of the engineering courses where 95% of the courses that he will be offering will be based on mathematics.
Also take the case of someone who is carefree, unaccountable, disorganized & not prudent in any way when it comes to money choosing a career in accounting.

When you make the right career choice you are going to avoid bitter experiences in the future. Don't choose a career to please your parents, siblings, or friends because they won't bear the pains, failure, frustrations, set-backs, & challenges that will arise how of your decision. Know that you are going to dance alone to whatsoever type of music plays out of the choice that you make.

Also as a youth know that Engineering, Medicine, Law, Accountancy, Pharmacy are not the only career that we have in this world, thousands of careers exist & you can only become fulfilled & satisfied when you choose the right one.

Jose Mourinho's mother wanted him to become an accountant & she decided to enroll him into a financial institution but Mourinho withdrew from the financial institution after 2 weeks & enroll for a first degree in the less fancied Physical & Health Education course & he also learn the major languages of the world since he wanted to become an international coach. Today Mourinho is one of the most influential personalities in our world & he is satisfied & fulfilled. This goes to show that you can actually hit it big with any career as far as you are not a mediocre in that area.     

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