Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Diseases that Predominantly Affects the Elderly Part 4


Our metabolism slows down & becomes weaker as we aged or grow older. In other words your ability to digest food & assimilate the nutrients diminishes compared to when you were younger. This predominantly affect the elderly folks. You can't accommodate three meals a day any-more which makes you feel heavy & uncomfortable because the food you eat isn't digesting quick enough.

How to Manage the Problem

This problem can be effectively managed when you have the understanding that digestion slows down with age & consciously alter your eating habits. To effectively manage this problem take the following steps:
  1. Be mindful of the quantity of food that you eat.
  2. Be mindful of the type of food that you eat.
  3. Eat food that your body can handle very well.
  4. Avoid fried food.
  5. Reduce  the number of times you eat in a day from three to two times.
  6. Avoid eating in between meals.
  7. Avoid food that you know that your body now finds difficult to handle.  
  8. Consult a dietitian.
  9. Avoid eating late in the night.
Do you have any elderly person around you, read & share the information with them as you can save a life or two. Also share with any young person around you to prepare them for the future.

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