Tuesday, 30 May 2017

A Letter to our Parents

By Educator Fidelia Akpan
Teaching the right values

Children are the future leaders of tomorrow. The present & the past actually determines how the future is going to pan out. Are we as parents,& guardians, actually raising up children who are going to be effective leaders that will steer the affairs of our respective nations without putting the nation on the path of self-destruction. 

Dear parents,
How will our country & our children look like in the next 20 years to come? Are our parents & schools instilling & driving in the right values in our children? What kind of leaders will Nigeria produce in the next 20 years? Do we still instill values like honesty, discipline, integrity, self-control, dignity, & good morals at home & in our schools?

What is our opinion about hard work? Do we teach our children that nothing good comes easy, & that countless hours of sweat, studying, & burning the midnight candle really does pays off? As parents, what is our take on correction? Or have we imbibed foreign beliefs, philosophies, & culture that a child is is not supposed to be scolded, or punished for being unruly? Is the check measure of punishing or scolding absurd?

Are our children taught how to take up responsibilities on their own & when given task to perform, do they perform the task with little or no supervision & without complain or do we assume that chores are meant to be performed only by maids?

Parents please lets teach our children that obeying rules & regulations is the right thing to do. Remember these children are tomorrow's leader who will one day become President, Commissioners, Ambassadors, CBN governor, Senate President, World bank President, United Nations Secretary General, etc. These children who will officiate in the different offices will only function well without struggling to uphold the tenets of the different institutions they will be representing if they have been well taught.  

We all know that If wealth is lost, nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost  but if character is lost, everything is lost. Our children are the agents of change that our country Nigeria & the world is waiting for. Let's bring up children that are tested, trusted, & treasured. God bless our children,  God bless our parents, & god bless Nigeria. Amen! 

Your Sincerely
Fidelia Akpan    

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