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Principles of Good Parenting Part 1

Principles of Good Parenting

Parenting or child rearing is the process of promoting & supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood.
There is nothing that makes a parent happier than to look back & be satisfied with what his or her children has achieved in life. Raising successful happy children is one of the most challenging jobs a parent can have & it is also one of the rewarding when everything falls in place.  
A major challenge today is that a lot of parents has failed in their primary responsibility of parenting their children properly & in a healthy way. Today most parents have shifted the responsibility of parenting their children to care-givers, church leaders, & school teachers. In this information driven
age, parenting has become highly challenging because of the erosion of societal values, discipline & increase in moral decadence.

Why is Parenting Necessary

Every child, they say, has a sleeping giant within him or her that needs to be aroused through the creative tactics of diligent parents. What this means is that every child can be nurtured to attain the heights of excellence in every area of life. Every child can be trained to stay morally upright amidst widespread decadence & delinquencies. Every child can be trained to succeed where other children have failed. It’s all in our hands as parents. 

Every parent in this age must rise up to the challenge of training our children in a morally depraved society as ours. Only the family can change the evil trend of juvenile delinquencies we see around us as we start the proper parenting of our children from birth.

The parenting of our children should not be left to care-givers, church leaders, & educators. Children only spend a small fraction of time with these people which makes them say concentrate on very limited aspects of the children development. The bulk of the responsibility of parenting rests on the shoulder of parents – both fathers and mothers. 

The world depends on individual parents to help rescue the present generation from imminent ruin. We must use our honoured positions to the benefit of our children. 

Result-Oriented Parenting Strategies

How then do we nurture our children & achieve the great & enviable results we desire in them? 

First & foremost we must teach them through precepts and practice. Character, integrity, humility, thankfulness & other godly characters are to be taught as from birth through our lives & lips. We must help the children imbibe these virtues and many more, especially while they are still impressionable and within reach.

Secondly, from their tender years, be careful to start teaching them rules for living appreciated by God and the society. Teach them discipline, respect and courtesy. Let them know the five golden expressions in inter-personal relationships which include: “please”- which signifies courtesy & permission; “excuse me”- which shows courtesy, apology, seeking permission, drawing attention of someone without being harsh; “I’m sorry” – which shows remorse & repentance; “thank you” – which indicates appreciation and gratitude; and “pardon me”- which shows consideration for others & civility.

Thirdly, you as a parent must lead by example. You must live out what you teach or else you will destroy what you are trying to build in them. There must be no deception or vain promises. Never make promise that you don’t intend to keep. Children’s heart are naturally full of curiosity & must be surrounded by edifying words. 
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