Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Industrial Skills for Graduates & Undergraduates of Engineering & Science in Nigeria

The gap between the academia & the industry is quite large in Nigeria. You graduate from university as an Engineer & you discover than you possess scanty or no industrial experience. You become useless to yourself & hiring firms. You can't compete with your peers who studied abroad. Now how do we move ahead. The fact that you were not properly schooled is no excuse to the society at large. It either you help yourself or live & die with frustration. 

If you wanted to wanted to enter a house & you could not enter through the front door but eventually were able to enter through the back-door you have actually fulfilled your goal which was to enter the house. So if you are looking for ways to acquire industrial engineering & scientific skills you have come to the right place. Just join our group "  Industrial Skills for Graduates & Undergraduates Engineers in Nigeria ".

We are looking for ways to net-work, build capacity & bridge that gap so that engineering graduates can easily fit into the industry & be productive without stress. Are you a graduate or undergraduate of Engineering or science who wants to acquire industrial skills then this opportunity is for you. Join us on our group on Facebook as we network & make great strides together in the Engineering profession.This group is created to help graduates & undergraduates of Engineering & Science to acquire industrial engineering skills & experience.

We are going to network & see how we can acquire engineering skills & help one another achieve our life long dreams of becoming engineers.This group is open to both engineers & scientist. Invite your friends & spread the word about the group as we build one another to become competent, resourceful, can-do & experience Engineers that can actually pro-offer solutions to problems.

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