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Crowd1 Opportunity For You Part 1

Before you invest your money in Crowd1 read this information below
We were told that you could make money with Crowd1 even though you were sleeping but we have just discovered that that is not the truth. Because on June 15th 2020, Crowd1 paid out the so called Crowd1 rewards & what was paid was not even up to 1% of money that was invested. 
Crowd1 is referral business from what we have seen after June 15th 2020 you can only make money in Crowd1 when you refer others into the system.  without referal you are not going to make even 5% of your capital in 1 year. So please think twice before you put your money in Crowd1  please. People will lie to you how you will be paid within 3 month & many other lies but please run away if you know you can't refer people into Crowd1. For more information whatsapp +2348038295185

I will be presenting this opportunity to you in two different sections. 

SECTION 1: How to let your money work for you by investing in the right companies.

SECTION 2: How to build a CAREER with CROWD1 by sharing the opportunity and making instant Realtime Cash withdrawable anytime anyday. (It is optional) 


How to let your money work for you by investing in the right companies.

Invest with big reputable companies. (Invest in educating yourself and buy OWNER  RIGHTS (Shares) from big companies through CROWD1 Educational packages). Your investment appreciates in Value and in Volume. 
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The company is called CROWD1:

CROWD1 was recently rated by as 5th BEST & FASTES GROWING ONLINE MARKETING NETWORK IN THE WORLD in the Industry.

πŸ€— Today  I will like to introduce you to this legitimate business that is paying so well. Millions of people are sharing powerful Testimonies of great achievements  and financial freedom from short period of time they joined this Business. 


 TURN €99 into €999 (N45,000 IN TO N450,000) MONTHLY SALARY FOR REAL! πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ 



CROWD1 is a company with its headquarters in Madrid Spain located in this address:
 Calle Velazquez 86, Portal A, 1 derecha 28006, Madrid, Spain
Tax ID Number (NIF): B88429436.

CROWD1 also have Physical offices in Dubai, Manila Philippines, Johannesburg South Africa and new ones coming up in other countries. 


CROWD1 has partnered with some big Multibillion US dollar ($) companies in the WORLD who are into Entertainment especially in the Sports and GAMMING industry, including Sports Bettings etc. 

CROWD1 has opened us a breakthrough door giving us opportunity  to buy Educational packages that comes with OWNERS RIGHTS (SHARES) From these big companies. 

These OWNER RIGHTS grows in Value and in Volume.


πŸ‘‰ As people are joining and investing in this crowd1 community, 
πŸ‘‰ As football and other sports are being  played, people are betting and betting companies are making huge money daily. 

πŸ‘‰ As people are playing in Casinos, these companies are making huge profits and

πŸ‘‰ As people are playing games online these companies are making huge turnover and profits. 

Note: As these companies are making profits, it also means our own shares too are making profits and value increases. 

Example: based on recent experience, a CROWD1 member bought OWNER RIGHTS in the GOLD package worth €799 (N360,000) got 1,711 OWNER RIGHTS and within the month of May 2019 to October 2019, the value of shares had increased to €3,422 (N1,539,000)  from €0.5/unit of OWNER  RIGHTS to €2/unit.


Every week (Wednesdays) CROWD1 shares as a gift to all those who bought packages additional OWNER RIGHTS worth €2.6 equally to everyone. Its just an additional Gift not withstanding the package you bought but if you will like to earn more like upto €1000 or €3000 in extra shares weekly, please check Section 2 of my presentation. 


Note that these OWNER RIGHTS (Shares) is an asset you buy cheap now to sell at higher price later as the value appreciates. 

The company is currently at pre launch phase and now we can acquire these shares very cheap. Once exchange is launched during Full launch in a couple of months time, you can sell or withdraw your OWNER RIGHTS (Shares) in the following different ways;

1.) You can sell in upcoming Exchanges for Cash (like stock market, or 

2.) You can Order for CROWD1 Visa Card to Withdraw your Owner RIGHTS (Shares) through ATM, POS, or 

3.) Sell through internal users exchange platforms (P2P) provided by CROWD1 Company amongst members of the CROWD1 community.

4.) You can also withdraw  to your local bank account straight. 


Some of the companies who partnered with CROWD1 ARE:
 AffilGO ,

You can own (OWNER RIGHTS) shares of these companies through purchase of CROWD1 Educational packages. 

 Note: The Educational packages contains both Educational Materials and these OWNER RIGHTS 


🏧White Package  πŸ“¦€99  (N50,000) with 90 points

🏧Black Package πŸ“¦ €299 (N150,000) with 270 points

🏧Gold πŸ“¦ €799 (N400,000) with 720 points

🏧Titanium  πŸ“¦ €2499 (N1,125,000) with 2,250 points.

Thanks and Congratulations for choosing as smart investors to join CROWD1. 


If you you want to Make instant cash from sharing this opportunity with others, then please check SECTION TWO of my Tutorial.
It is optional if you are not interested to make more money, you just Focus with this section 1.

CROWD1 is too Good πŸ’₯

Click the link below to read part 2 of this presentation 

Crowd1 Opportunity For You Part 2

For more information about Crowd1 call or whats-app +2348038295185

You can join our Crowd1 whatsapp group via this link Crowd1group
You can call or Whats-app Eddysam on +2348038295185 if you want to join Crowd1 & be a beneficiary 

Crowd1 business training's, seminars, webinars business presentations are going on across Nigeria, Africa & the world at large for free, if you want to be a part of these just call or whats-app Eddysam +2348038295185
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