Saturday, 25 July 2020

Earning Residual Income Through CPA Marketing in Nigeria

Payment of 117,000 naira is credited to your account on a weekly basis if you have the following:

An approved CPA account – Be patient if you have not been approved 

An approved offer/campaign

Promotion of the campaign/offer 

Continue reading to learn how to earn your first $65 today.

Having an approved CPA account is one of the best things that can happen to you in the year 2020, I will explain what CPA is and how you can benefit from it. 

What is CPA?

CPA simply means cost per action or cost per acquisition. This is a method where USA companies accept you as a Nigerian for marketing for big corporations like Microsoft, United Airlines, Alibaba, Vonage, William Hill, Qatar Airlines etc. As the owner of an approved CPA account, you are paid in US dollars for completing small tasks like filling a form, completing a survey, generating a sale or lead. These companies pay as much as $130 dollars for each action which is paid to your Nigeria account monthly. You have the ability to earn as much as $3000 (1 million, one hundred and four thousand naira monthly) Many Nigerians make this or even more monthly. Don’t look at this as a lot of money, as soon as you earn your first payout, you will understand why I always call poverty a bastard!!! 

For those of you still sitting on the fence wondering what CPA is, now you know. The earning potential with CPA marketing is huge if you are willing to learn and follow simple instructions; earning $100 that’s about 36,000 naira daily (900,000 naira monthly) is not a big challenge. If you are having any doubts do your research on Google on CPA marketing and it’s earning potential.

If you have an active CPA account and good internet connection, please call any of the numbers below, ask how you can specifically convert the time you waste online making $0  to make least 500,000 naira every month using your approved CPA account

The goal of the training is make you look poverty in the face and call it a bastard every day you wake up.

First you will need to enroll for the training, I am sure you may have logged into your CPA account and figured out that there are lots of earning opportunities but that account will still remain more like an entertainment tool  if you do not train and learn how to bleed(monetize) those offers.

If you have NOT been approved

If you have applied for a CPA account with salesblotter and have not received approval, we ask that you be patient, do not apply again as that will reduce your chances for approval, I believe the approval is done in phases.

Our Guarantee

The truth is that if you are able to follow the instructions on Lessons 1 you will earn your first $65 (23,400 naira) today; we have 100% guarantee on that, not only will you earn your first day; you are able replicate the $65 daily. If you go through the step by step instructions on lessons 1 and do not earn your first $65, we will refund the full training fees and also send your 10,000 naira for the inconvenience (that’s how much confidence we have that you will make money with your CPA account)

Keep in mind that the earnings do not begin after your training but within your first 24hrs of enrolling.

To earn your first $65 (23,400 naira) today, call any of the following numbers below

If you are also tired of your current financial situation and would love to call poverty a bastard in as little as 24hrs, 

Call or whatsapp +2348038295185

Good luck as you begin a new chapter of your financial life, remember there is nothing complicated about this. 

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