Thursday, 21 January 2016

Mourinho Escapes Wenger's Wrath

Wenger knock-outs Mourinho

Arsene Wenger has never defeated Jose Mourinho in a competitive match spanning two eras and six & a half seasons of intense rivalry & he is going to miss the opportunity to do so this weekend when Arsenal take on  Chelsea in the return leg of 2015/2016 BPL match.

No-body has gotten under Wenger's skin & nerves more than Mourinho both on & off the field. It was Mourinho who upset the balance of power in the BPL during his first era by reducing Arsene Wenger's Arsenal from perennial title contenders to perennial top-4 chasers. Initially there were only two teams in London, Arsenal & others but that all changed after the coming of the Special One as Chelsea became the star team in London & Arsenal became just one of the other teams in the city of London.

General Arsene Wenger became frustrated with the fact that he could never defeated Chelsea lead by Mourinho even in his dreams & worst still Mourinho had reduced Arsenal from title favourite to chasing bread crumbs. Arsenal trophy/title became earning a top-4-finish in the premiership. To add insult to injury Mourinho gave Monsieur Wenger a befitting gift when Wenger celebrated his 1000th game in charged of Arsenal FC by a 6-0 thrashing. 

Wenger likes to portray this Mr Nice Guy image but the frustrations' of not having defeated Mourinho in the course of his career got to him & he allowed his emotions to boil & take over & he fell into the snare of physically assaulting Mourinho in his technical area destroying his Mr Nice Guy image & making Mourinho the good guy in the process. The fans of Arsenal were not left out & label Chelsea as boring out of frustration & Mourinho told them that boring means to stay 8 years without the BPL title, obviously a dig on Wenger's credentials as a Manager.

Even though Wenger eventually managed to defeat Chelsea in the community shield at the start of the current season with Mourinho in charged, the game in question was more or less a glorified friendly match & Wenger had to copy Mourinho's strategy of scoring 1 goal & then packing the bus which he has repeatedly condemned. Although Wenger behaved like someone who had won the world cup after winning the inconsequential community shield & even went as far as refusing to shake hands with Mourinho at the end.

In the next competitive match Wenger lost again & also two of his players also received their matching orders for fouls & bad sportsmanship further tarnishing Wenger's Mr Nice Guy image.Mourinho forcefully shook Wenger's hand before the match just to distabilise Wenger knowing fully well that Wenger despises him & won't be happy through out the match as a result of shaking him.

Now would have been the best opportunity for Arsene Wenger to land the killer/knock-out punch on Chelsea in a competitive game with Arsenal in the driving sea for the BPL title & Chelsea battling relegation but Mourinho, Wenger's Nemesis won't be in the dug-out to shake him come sunday. If Arsenal defeats Chelsea on sunday, the fans of Arsenal & Mourinho are not going to be fulfilled.They will believe that their victory would have been sweeter with Mourinho in the dug-out.
Wenger pushes Mourinho

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