Friday, 8 January 2016

Sticking to your New Year Resolutions

Making new year resolutions is as easy as taking food to your mouth but the major problem is actually sticking to those resolutions & carrying them out. Why wait for the beginning of a new year before making resolutions if they are actually meant to improve & make your lives better? The answer is that new year resolutions are made by a lot of individuals based on the fact that the tradition & culture around the world demands they make them rather than on the basics that these resolutions will actually transform their lives for the better.

Resolutions are supposed to be made any-time within the year when you discover short-comings in your character, lifestyle, behavior, attitude or when you observe any-thing that is going to make your life better at that period in your life. Delaying action to address an outstanding issue in your life till the new year can lead to disastrous consequences. Making new year resolutions isn't the best way to alter, change or correct bad behavior, habit or attitude etc.    

So before you make resolutions you need to:
  •  think it over, taking time to analyze it thoroughly. 
  • ask  yourself whether it makes sense to save more money for retirement, quit smoking & drinking to prolong your life & improve your health, visit the gym to stay fit & lose weight etc. 
Now do you have to wait till the !st of  January to do all this. The answer is no.

How Do you Stick to your Resolutions

You need to:
  • Make resolutions that are realistic & achievable.
  • Count the cost of implementing such resolutions before making them.
  • Strike out any resolution that you might have made on impulse without thinking it over.
  • Draw up a road map or action plan to achieve your resolutions/goals.
  • Divide your ultimate goal into tiny achievable bits.
  • Set few goals at a time.
  • Apply the Dee(s) of Desire, Doggedness, Diligence, Dedication to your resolutions.
  • Review your progress periodically e.g bi-weekly, monthly & quarterly.

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