Sunday, 17 January 2016

Becoming a Slave or a Master of the Dreaded Subject Mathematics Part 1

There's no two ways about it you either become a master of the subject mathematics or you become it's slave

A lot of people at one level or the other view mathematics with trepidation. At the mere mention of the word mathematics they begin to tremble & fidget. Children view mathematics as an unnecessary evil & enemy which they are forcefully compelled to study & as a result they grow up to hate the subject,

On a day when there is no mathematics on the time-table a lot of students are happy & cheerful. When the mathematics instructor isn't  in school for one reason or the other majority of the students heave a sigh of relieve & are relaxed. Now when the mathematics teacher comes into class to teach the mood of most of the students changes from happy to sad & they switch off from active mode to passive or dormant mod. In other words they are present in class but not available & they begin to pray that the period should quickly roll over. In a large class some students will tactically leave the class  & will only return when the period is over.

Now who suffers at the end of the day, is it the subject mathematics or the teacher? The answer is no, the teacher neither suffers nor the subject. The worst thing that can happen to the teacher is him getting fired which doesn't change any-thing after all he is going to get another job else-where if he is good. It is the students that suffers greatly experiencing the back-lash & full-scale wrath of the subject mathematics.

They become slaves to mathematics & mathematics is a cruel task-master that doesn't pity its slaves. Mathematics enslaves those who dislikes it or hates it's messenger or prophet the mathematics teacher.. It takes captives of all those who refuses to becomes it's master. A slave will always suffer in one way or the other & when you become a slave of mathematics it is going to terrorize you & make life meaning-less & frustrating. .

So it is either you consciously make the choice &effort to become it's master or remain it's slave forever.

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