Monday, 11 April 2016

Diseases that Predominantly Affects the Elderly Part 2

Today we will be looking at menopausal problems which is one of the problems that affect the elderly especially women who have crossed child bearing age. Many years ago menopause was common among women in their fifties but today we see women experiencing menopause as early as their late thirties.


When a woman has crossed from her child bearing age & no longer menstruates there are a lot of hormonal changes that takes place in her body such that she begins to experience explainable symptoms. She may think that she is ill but it is not necessary a disease. This is just an alteration in the season of life that is accompanied by many uncomfortable symptoms that can be control if properly understood.
For women it is called “menopause” while for men is is called “andropause”.  It is more severe & pronounced among men that women.

Symptoms Experience During Menopause

A woman going through menopause may even think that her life is ending because of the severe discomfort that she is experiencing.
She becomes highly irritable & very touchy.
She experiences mood swings. She is happy one minute the next moment she is depressed & she can’t just explain why she is sad because every-thing about her family & business is okay.
She begins to experience severe heat called “hot flash” which is like a kind of heat that starts from the head & moves like a wave through the whole body accompanied with sweat & the next moment she is cold.
All these symptoms are just due to the hormonal changes taking place during menopause in the body of a woman.
Once a woman begins to experience these symptoms she should talk to qualified medical personnel

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