Saturday, 4 June 2016

Roy Hodgson Commits Blunder by Selecting Players based on Reputation & Sentiments Over Performance & Form

Rooney, Hodgson & Wilshere
Roy Hodgson has already picked his team for Euro 2016 tournament that is starting in France next week. One glaring omission is Drinkwater who was very outstanding through out the entire season as Leicester won the league in England while Jack Wilshere of Arsenal is a surprise inclusion that beats the imagination.  

Jack Wilshere only played 141 minutes of football in the just concluded season after breaking his leg in the Community Shield. Jack Wilshere is not match fit, neither is he in form so one beings to wonder what Roy Hodgson is taking him to France to do. So Hodgson has gotten it wrong here. 

Hodgson already has Captain Rooney in his team who is not in form & was just average  in the just concluded season whom he is going to be field when the tournament kicks off in some days time. If Hodgson is banking on Rooney & Wilshere to deliver the goods for England  then the three Lions should start planning for their exit in France after the first round. 

Hodgson lacks the ruthlessness to succeed with the three Lions & has not learn from past experiences about taking unfit players to tournaments. Players should be selected on form & not on reputation. Spain paid a heavy price at the last world cup when they selected a team base on past achievements & England may pay a similar price too.

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