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Using Pumpkin Leaves(Ugwu) to Treat & Heal Chronic Wounds

Using Pumpkin Leaves to Treat & Heal Chronic Wounds


A wound is an injury to a living tissue caused by a cut, blow or other impact, typically one in which the skin is cut or broken . Wounds can be classified as acute or chronic depending on how long it takes to heal. Acute wounds heal very fast with little or no external action while chronic wounds might develop complications & refuse to heal. There are even individuals who based on their genetic make-up experience a very tough time & delay when they have wounds related injuries as these refuse to heal on time.

Now chronic wounds can actually be treated & made to healed quite quickly by making use of pumpkin leaves commonly called "Ugwu" by the Ibos of eastern Nigeria or "Ikong Afere" by the Ibibios & Efiks of south-south region of Nigeria. Even chronic wounds that have defied other types of medication & professional recommendations don't stand a chance when they come in contact with healing powers of pumpkin leaves. I am not telling you this from hear-say or something that I read in a book. I am actually a beneficiary of the healing powers of pumpkin leaves on wounds.

My Personal Experience   

More than 20 years ago when I was in year 5, I had an open wound on the top of one of my foot. The wound started expanding with each passing day instead of healing. My parents tried self-medication, & requested for professional help but the wound was only becoming bigger, deeper & complicated. A casual friend of my dad got wind of the problem I was facing & told him to apply pumpkin leaves in treating the wound. I followed his instructions in the mornings & evenings and after two days there was improvement. The wound started healing & shrinking till it was completely healed in a period of 7 days. It was then I discovered the power of pumpkin leaves to heal wounds & I am recommending it to any-one that is suffering from a chronic wound.

How Does Pumpkin Leaf Heal Wounds

Pumpkin leaves contains a high concentration of vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a great role in healing wounds & forms scar tissue maintaining healthy skins.

How can the Healing Power of Pumpkin Leaves be Realeased/ Mode of Application

  1. Obtain a good amount of pumpkin of pumpkin leaves. 
  2. Clean up the wound in question.
  3. Wash the leaves.
  4. Insert a handful of leaves into a naked flame(fire) from your gas cooker or stove till the leaves becomes moderately hot.
  5. Press the moderately hot leaves on the wound for a while till the leaves becomes cold.
  6. Sprinkle water on the cold leaves from step 5 & repeat step 4 & 5 on the same leaves till the leaves becomes useless(charred).
  7.  Grabbed a fresh set of washed leaves & repeat steps 4,5 & 6. 
  8. You may stop after you have used up up the 3rd set of fresh.
Repeat the above actions on a daily basis in the morning & evenings till the wound is completely healed.

If you know of any-one that has a chronic wound please show a little bit of kindness by telling him about pumpkin leaves & directing him to this post.

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