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The Signs, Causes & Treatment of Malnutrition

Malnutrition in African

A lot of people are suffering from malnutrition all over the world. Malnutrition is a serious problem in African because of the high level of poverty. It is even estimated by Medscape that malnutrition is responsible for about 300,000 deaths per year for children below 5 years of age in developing countries all over the world & contributes indirectly to more than half of the death of children all over the world.

Malnutrition refers to when your body isn't getting adequate nutrients from food substance that it needs to function properly either as a result of not eating the right food or your body systems can't absorb essential nutrient from food substances due to illness.

Signs of Malnutrition

The signs of malnutrition include the following:
  1. Extreme tiredness & fatigue
  2. Muscle weakness & loss of strength
  3. Loss of memory
  4. Weak immune system
  5. Fertility problems
  6. Lower sex drive
  7. Decrease muscle & tissue mass
  8. Loss of confidence
Looking at some of the signs in detail

Tiredness & Fatigue

Malnutrition can lead to lack of energy & extreme tiredness. Involvement in any little activity will lead to severe tiredness. Take note that being malnourished is not the same thing as being out of shape as being out of shape refers to someone that does not exercise. Lack of exercise can lead to you being out of shape & involvement in any little activity such as climbing a staircase will make you begin to pant & grasp for breath. 

Muscle Weakness & Loss of Strength    

This is another sign & symptom of being malnourished. 

Loss of Confidence

Undernourishment can lead to loss of confidence & depression.  

Loss of Memory 

When you are malnourished & you are not feeding well with respect to eating a balanced diet you will experience poor memory. 
Know that every food class has a specific function that it performs in our bodies.

Weak Immune System 

Undernourishment as a result of poor feeding can lead to a weak immune system. Many people substitute regular meals with snacks. Snacks isn't food. It is meant to be taken in-between meals & not a complete replacement for food to prevent over-eating of regular food. Don't engage in snacks abuse by substituting regular meals for snacks. 

Causes of Malnutrition

The causes of malnutrition include the following:
  1. Health challenges
  2. Alcoholism
  3. Depression
  4. Low income
  5. Poor eating habits
  6. Restricted diet
Looking at some of the causes of malnutrition in detail

Health Challenges

Loss of appetite, constipation, & indigestion are health challenges that will make it very difficult for a person to eat & inability to eat will eventually result to malnutrition.

Restricted Diet

Self-imposed restricted diet for weight losing purpose without consulting a dietitian or nutritionist can do more harm than good to your body. 
Healthy weight loss & unhealthy weight loss exist. You need to consult a dietitian if you want to lose weight in a healthy way such that it won't adversely affect your bones, body, internal organs or systems.

Alcohol Addition

Many people who are addicted to alcohol lose appetite for food with time because consumption of highly concentrated raw alcoholic drinks eventually lead to constriction of the intestines. So alcohol now takes the place of food. If this is your problem cut down on your consumption of alcohol & consult a medical personnel for help.   


Depression can also even make you not to feed well so you need to avoid depression at all cost.

Treatment of Malnutrition

Malnutrition is treated depending on the underlying cause. If malnutrition is as a result of health related challenges then the victim should first of all address the health challenge by consulting a medical personnel. 
If it is linked to poor feeding habits then you need to consult a dietitian or nutritionist to advised & counsel you on what to eat. 
For depression & alcohol related malnutrition you need to see a counselor & appropriate medical personnel. 

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