Monday, 1 January 2018

The Importance of a Healthy Teacher-Student Relationship

A healthy teacher-student relation implies a smooth, cordial relationship devoid of rancor & friction between both parties. Mutual encouragement flows between a teacher & his student when there is a smooth, healthy relationship. There is a lot to be gain when the relationship between a student & teacher is smooth & cordial, & equally a lot to lose when the reverse is the case.

It has been observed that soldiers are ready to die in battle for their General when the relationship between the General & his troops is smooth & healthy. It is a known fact in football that when the relationship between a coach & his players is smooth that the players are ready to shed blood on the pitch  for their coach. In the workplace employees are ready to go the extra mile when the relationship between them & their boss is healthy & cordial. 

For the relationship between a teacher & the student to be healthy both parties have a role to play. Most of the time students excel in subjects that are taught by teachers they have good rapport with & perform poorly in subjects that are handled by teachers that they prefer to avoid. This is not a coincidence it is actually a learning fact. A student who likes his teacher will try by all possible means to ensure that he performs well in the subject taught by that teacher so that the teacher will be happy no matter how hard that subject may be. 

For a student to understand & master a difficult subject he or she must first of all develop keen interest in the subject. The first pathway to developing interest in your subjects as a student is to ensure you have a smooth, healthy relationship with all your teachers. A student who does this stands to reap several benefits & discover what a fun schooling can be. For you to have a healthy relationship with the teacher, you must always do whatever you can to make the teacher enjoy teaching you. 

The Benefits of a Healthy, Smooth Teacher-Student Relationship
Cordial relationship neutralizes the usual fear that prevents many students from getting the best from their teacher.
It fosters lively learning sessions, wins the teacher & makes discipline less frequent.
It prevents learning frustrations & reduces the incidence of failure. 
It enhances better performances which in turn boost self-esteem & eliminate anxiety, inferiority complex, depression & allied complexes.
It also boosts your social & inter-personal relationship, especially with older than you, & effectively prepares you for further campus studies.  

Having gone over the benefits of a smooth healthy relationship I think our classrooms & schools will be a much better place when the relationship between the learners & teacher is healthy. I will encourage both teachers & students to try to consciously build up healthy relationships.  

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