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Setting Goals and Achieving Them in 2018

The Importance of Goal Setting

To succeed in life, you need to have a purpose, aim, desire, dream, intention target or objective. Your purpose for embarking on a project or task constitute your goal. Your desired result for venturing into anything in life constitute your goal. When your dream, purpose or desire, target, or objective is accomplished at the end of the day you have
achieved your goal.

Goal setting is very, very important in every sphere of life be it the secular, sports, religious, personal etc. To actually know whether you are making progress you need to set goals. Even though many people set goals in the name of new year resolutions at the beginning of a year, Goals can actually be set on any day, week or month of the year.  

Types of Goals

Goals can be divided into small & big goals. Small goals are goals that can be accomplished with little resources and do not take so much time while big goals require large resources & a long time to accomplish them.

Small Goals

Take for instance if I want to purchase a fairly used laptop it may just take between 3- 6 months of saving a portion of my income on a monthly basis to achieve this goal.

Big Goals

An example of a large goal is someone that’s wants to graduate out of the university with first class honours. To achieve this goal, you need to break it down into small goals. You need to plan how many hours you are going to put into your studies on a daily & weekly basis. You need also to plan on the least kind of grade that you intent to have in your midterms & semester examinations so as to graduate with a first class.

Setting your Goals

To achieve your goals, you need to:

  • Set reasonable & attainable goals
  • Set measurable goals.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Remember your goals.
  • Re-evaluate your goals.
  • Make adjustments to your goals when necessary.
  • Acknowledge what you have done & have not done.
  • Commend yourself when you achieve a portion of your set goals.

You need to set realistic, reasonable & attainable goals. If your desire is to keep fit & you want to achieve by going to the gym every day. This is not realistic if you are engaged in a secular job where you resume early & close late on a daily basis. Also if you are weighing 187 kg & you intend to lose 87 kg within 2 weeks. This is not reasonable, realistic & attainable within one month. 

Remember Your Goals

To achieve your goals, you have to remember them. Your goals must be at your fingertips. Try as much as possible to commit your goals to memory & go over them on a daily basis. Think about your goals every single day of the year. The following tools can go a long way in helping you remember your goals.

  •  Goal notebooks
  •  Visual aids
  •  Daily to do lists
  •  Inspiration & Vision boards

Goal notebooks

You can make use of notebooks to write down your goals & go over them regularly making adjustments if the need arises.

Visual Aids

You can paste your goals by your bedside, inside your vehicles & inside your office.

Daily To-Do Lists

You can make use of your mobile phone to do list to write down your thoughts & get out your ideas. This goes a long way in setting your goals & achieving them.

Inspiration & Vision boards

Create a vision board where you put down your ideas & you see them on a daily basis. This can help you visualize your goals & get them going in your head

Commend Yourself

Give yourself credit when you achieve all or a part of the goals you have set. You can do this by praising yourself & doing a personal celebration. Always be proud of what you have accomplish with respect to your goals. This is going to motivate you to work harder towards the remaining goals.

Acknowledge What You Have Done & Haven’t Done

This helps you keep track of what you have done & what you have not done.

Re-Evaluate Your Goals

Re-evaluate your goals on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. You are to find out if the steps you are actually taking towards achieving your goals is working for you. If it is not working, then you can make adjustments or even change them completely. 

Friend to succeed in life you need to set goals & follow the above steps to achieve them. If you have not been setting goals in the past please do & you will be the better for it. Thanks.  
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