Sunday, 27 May 2018

An English Man(Gareth Bale) Destroys an English Team(Liverpool) as Zidane's Lead Real-Madrid Wins the 2017/2018 UEFA Champions League at Liverpool's Expense

Karius the Villain & Bale the Hero as Real-Madrid FC wins 13th  UEFA Champions League 

The final of the 2017/2108 has been won & lost by Real-Madrid FC & Liverpool FC respectively & it was indeed a tale of two(2) men, yea two stand-out performers albeit in different ways, Gareth Bale the Hero & Karius the Villain. 
The pre-match talk was centred around Mo-Salah the
Liverpool talisman & C.Ronaldo the UCL record goal scorer but Pharoah Mo-Salah was annihilated & rendered physically disabled to continue the match as early as the 30th min of play by Sergio Ramos the Madrid captain. Although Pharoah Mo-Salah had been influential & dictated the game for Liverpool uptil he was injured by Sergio Ramos & replaced by Englishman Adam Lallana & Liverpool became ordinary without him. Mean while C.Ronaldo had a quiet game & could not do the damage to Liverpool as he was unable to score even though he still finished 2017/1018 UCL season as the top scorer although he was a threat for most part of the match. 

A rare hardly seen blunder at this level of the game by Karius allowed Real-Madrid to take the lead through Karim Benzema but Madrid's lead was only short-lived as Liverpool equalised within 5 minutes through Sadio Mane. 

With the game tied at 1-1 Zidane needed a change of plans & tactics and an Executioner of his plans & who else did he turn to but the highly castigated, condemned, maligned & hated English man(Real_Madrid player) Gareth Bale. 
The ineffective Isco was replaced by Coach Zinedine Zidane with Bale the Destroyer/Executioner/Joker & before you knew it Bale scored a goal that was made in the heavens & out of this world even better than the one scored by C.Ronaldo in the semi-final against Juventus. 
The goal was stunner. It was so spectacular that people thought it had been scored by C.Ronaldo. It was a goal that came out of an ordinary cross. The Liverpool team had no answer to Bale runs. Bale changed the entire complexion of the game & the score-line now read 2-1 in favor of Madrid.

More was to come from Bale as he made it 3-1 with a screamer from about 30 yards out. It was as if the ball was shot by a cannon. People are blaming Karius the Liverpool's goalkeeper for spilling the ball into his net but it was the power & spin on the ball that made Karius to spill the ball into his own net . The game eventually finished with 3-1 in favour of Real-Madrid with Bale as the hero, messiah, joker & star of the day. 

The Madrid fans & media have been highly critical of Bale since he came to Spain & this season the criticism directed at Bale has reached alarming levels/proportions. There has been persisted rumours that Bale will be sold come the end of this season but on the back of this performance if Bale leaves it's gonna been on an high & who knows, Bale might just have earned himself a contract extension on improved terms.       

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