Saturday, 5 May 2018

Integrity the Foundation of Character

Integrity is the foundation of character. A person who has integrity also has an unblemished character in every area of his or her life. Integrity is formally defined as consistency of actions, values, methods, principles, expectations, and outcomes. Putting it a
bit differently & certainly more simply, to have integrity is to have strength of character; it is to be steadfast, resolute & having moral backbone – walking the talk & doing what you promised. It is to be authentic, straightforward and displaying what’s on the inside outside.

Integrity is to be open, honest & direct in your dealings with others; to be clear about what’s right & wrong & not compromising your values. It is to have a conviction & the courage of that conviction; to have a behaviour that matches your values; to be principled, honourable, fair, accountable & responsible. Integrity is moral soundness and freedom from corrupting influence or motive. It is consistently stand up for what is right doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking; & definitely doing the right thing when people are looking. Integrity, is the glue that binds a person’s other virtues.

Lacking integrity is worse than being an openly evil person. A customer may, for instance, continue to patronize a company which because it is open about those goals & acts consistently with them. But saying one thing and doing something else is completely different. Think of the feeling of deception & betrayal a person will get when he finds out that a friend, partner or an institution he trusts says one thing & does something completely different!

Integrity is what makes you a person worth being around. It delivers respect, loyalty, commitment & trust. A person is judged a lot on his integrity to his family, his work & most of all, to himself. It is the single most important quality you can ever develop that will enhance a happy life. By making the commitment to become a person with personal integrity, you will be doing more to ensure your success & happiness in life than anything else you can ever do. Integrity is a virtue that will make your marriage, family, relationship, career, & business successful & stand the test of time.

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