Saturday, 11 April 2020

Adaptation the Key to Survival in this Age

The Dinosaur went into Extinction because it fail to Adapt

Are you adapting to the times, era, age in which we are right now if not do a critical self-examination & have a re-think so that you won’t end up like the Dinosaur?
The Dinosaur went into extinction because it failed & refused to adapt. It had confidence in its large size till the dinosaur could no longer survive on the earth. Whatever u are doing today plan and adapt it to changing trends in the world of today. 
The taxi drivers, red & yellow cab drivers who could not learn how to adapt to using an android or smartphone so that they could become Uber or Taxify drivers lost their source of livelihood.
Today, many are selling goods on Jumia and Konga without having a ware house, store, shop or ware house. I once bought a shoe on Konga and when it was delivered the size was too small so I had to return it to the merchant and get the correct size. So he gave me his address at Ketu which I thought was his shop or warehouse but on getting to the location I discovered that it was his house. The merchant went into his house and brought out another shoe of the appropriate size and collected the one with the wrong size.
What am I driving at you don't need to have a shop to run your business today.
You don’t need a physical shop to run your business. All you need is an online presence and data
Don't be like the Dinosaur.
Be like the Android.
The Android keeps on upgrading. We have had many versions of the android & many more are on their way.
The black berry phone came made a lot of noise and like the Dinosaur went into extinction.
The Android keeps on waxing stronger and stronger.
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