Friday, 8 May 2020


Before you invest your money in Crowd1 read this information below
We were told that you could make money with Crowd1 even though you were sleeping but we have just discovered that that is not the truth. Because on June 15th 2020, Crowd1 paid out the so called Crowd1 rewards & what was paid was not even up to 1% of money that was invested. 
Crowd1 is referral business from what we have seen after June 15th 2020 you can only make money in Crowd1 when you refer others into the system.  without referal you are not going to make even 5% of your capital in 1 year. So please think twice before you put your money in Crowd1  please. People will lie to you how you will be paid within 3 month & many other lies but please run away if you know you can't refer people into Crowd1. For more information whatsapp +2348038295185

What Crowd1 is all About

To know more about Crowd1, call or whats-app me on +2348038295185 & I will schedule u for a live online webinar where the whole concept of the Crowd1 business will be explained. I help mentor intending members about the Crowd1 business & I also help new members build up their teams. I have Crowd1 resource fellows in my team.

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A Brief summary of the Crowd1 Business

This is just a summary of what Crowd1 is.
Crowd1 is a company just like Ali-Baba, Jumia, Konga, & Uber that connects service providers, & sellers to their customers. Whatsoever profit made by the service providers & sellers during this process is shared 50/50 with Crowd1. Crowd1 connects majorly Gaming & Betting companies such as Betway, Affilgo, Premierbet, Bet Naija with their customers

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Where do you come into the equation

Now Crowd1 is inviting the public, the masses, the common man to come and invest in Crowd1 company so that as an investor when Crowd1 makes profit u also make profit as an investor.

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Its just like u buy shares in a company and when the company makes profits u are paid dividends periodically.
To be an investor with Crowd1 u have to buy a package.
There are various packages sold by the company.
The cheapest right is 99 euros, the next is 299 euros, 799 euros etc.
Once u buy a package and come on board Crowd1 u become a share holder.

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Making Money in Crowd1

The company pays u periodically every 3 month based on the % of your investment in the company of the profit that is made within that period.
This is one aspect of the business.
The 2nd aspect involves referral although its not compulsory cos in Crowd1 u earn whether u refer or not as I have explained above.

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But if u wish and u are highly motivated to make money beyond your imagination all u have to do is to refer people into Crowd1 via your signup link and teach the people u bring in as well how to bring in people . When u are able to build up a team u are going to earn different bonuses both from those u refer directly and those referred by your direct referrals.

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And even 2nd, 3rd 4th generation referals.
Assuming u bring in 4 direct referrals and each of this direct referrals bring in 4 people each as well which is equal to 16 people this implies that u have brought in 18 people and that u have build a team of 18 people. This is going to increase the value of your weekly earnings and boost your rank in Crowd1. With each rank achieve your earnings increases.

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Also having a team qualifies u to start earning residual bonus every month.
Now don't be afraid about building a team cos we are going to hold your hands and assist u cos when u have a strong u benefit and your up line benefits as well.


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