Thursday, 24 September 2020

LION'S SHARE TRON smart contract Explanation

 LION'S SHARE TRON smart contract is a platform which allows you earn TRON and you trade them for instant cash any day anytime.


There are two major structures under the forsage network namely:

:arrow_forward: L1 (Lion 1)
:arrow_forward: L2 (Lion 2)

:white_check_mark:Working of L1 (Lion 1):

| | |
⏯ ⏯ :arrows_counterclockwise:

⏯ - Payment to you
:arrows_counterclockwise:- Reinvests and Recycle

The L1 runs on a 3 by 1 matrix. You earn by:

i) Direct Commission
ii) Reinvest Money

Note: Earnings on the L1 matrix are strictly through direct referrals.

:white_check_mark:Working of L2 (Lion 2):

| |
:arrow_double_up: :arrow_double_up:
/ \ / \
⏯ ⏯ ⏯ :repeat:

:arrow_double_up: - Payment to Global Upline
⏯ - Payment directly to you
:repeat: - Reinvests and Recycle

The L2 runs on 2 by 2 matrix. You earn in L2 by following ways:

i) Commissions
ii) Reinvests
iii) Global Spills and overflow
iv) Team Spills and overflow

What this means is that members who get referrals will earn on both the L1 and L2 lionshare where as members not having direct referrals/don't refer anyone to the platform can only earn through L2 lionshare.

And the higher you grow the more massive and huge your profit are and increases cause it has different levels that pays you more/earn you more ethereum.

This is a smart contract created on a blockchain and it is transparent for everyone, it's 100% scam free because it is base on the smart contract blockchain which cannot be changed, hack or removed...

As many of you know we have announced that Lion’s Share will be introducing a brand new Tron Smart Contract! We are excited about the future of Lion’s Share! Our 5 year plan has started in motion!

When people think “Smart Contact” they will think “Lion’s Share”!! We are the King of Smart Contracts! All of this is made possible because of your commitment.

We will be having a special “Tron Prelaunch Call” in the next couple days! Please be on the lookout for an invite.

We are about to make history again! Thank you to all of you for your commitment to Lion’s Share!

Let’s Break Some Records Together

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