Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Making Passive Income from Cryptocurrency even While Sleeping

Hello dear friend, how are you doing?  If you are looking for a passive income opportunity that you can invest in & make profit then you are the right place. 

Saving money is good but the naira has lost its value so if you save 100,000 naira today in 12 months time with inflation your 100,000 naira would have lost it purchasing value by at least 30 %. We all know the cost of rice in January 2020 & how much it is right now. 

And if you keep 100,000 naira in a bank for 1 year without touching it you wont get up to 500 naira as interest. 

It will pay you more if you save your money by investing in crypto currency. You can develop an investment plan where you buy 5000 naira($10) worth of Bitcoin & 5000 naira($10) of Ethereum monthly. At the end of the year you would have accumulated 60000 naira worth of Bitcoin & Ethereum. 

Now Bitcoin & Ethereum keep on appreciating in value even more than the dollar so at the end of the year the value of your bitcoin would have increase in dollars & even in naira compare to someone who was saving his money in naira alone.

So when you convert your Bitcoin & Ethereum back to naira at the end of one year you are going to get more than 60000 naira which someone who was saving 5000 naira monthly is going to get. 

So make a wise decision today to change the way you save your money to derive optimum interest.

If you need guidance on how you can actually earn passive income from cryptocurrency then whatsapp Eddysam on +2348038295185 

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