Friday, 20 November 2020

Saving Wisely to Generate Profitable Interest via Cryptocurrency

We all try one way or the other to save money for the rainy day & to generate profit. Saving is a good culture but profitable investment is even better. 

The disadvantage of saving is that money loses it value over a period of time & banks pays interest that makes no sense to investors. If you save 100,000 naira at the beginning of the year you won't get interest of 500 naira at the end of the year. 

So what is the way out you can save your money via crypto currencies like bitcoin , ethereum , bux, tron etc. 

Lets assume that you want to save 10,000 naira every month which will amount to 12,0000 naira at the end of the year at reduced value. You can choose to rather purchased 5000 naira worth or bitcoin & 5000 naira worth of ethereum monthly & leave to appreciate. 

This will pay you more better at the end of the year because the bitcoin & ethereum would have appreciated in value come the end of the year & you can now convert it to your local currency. 

On converting to your local currency you will discover that you have more that the 120000 which you would have amassed if you were saving 10000 naira monthly in the bank. 

If you will like to start saving wisely through crypto currency but don't know how to go about it feel free to call or whatsapp Eddysam on +2348038295185

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