Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Assumption a Leading Cause of Failure in Examination Amongst Students

By Samuel Aniekan For EDDYSAM Educators

Assumption has been identified as one of the leading cause of failure in examination & in life as a whole. Failure of students in some instances can be trace back to assumption.

What is Assumption?

Assumption can been defined as the act of taking things for granted or supposing something to be the case without evidence or proof.

Assumption plays a major role when preparing for test or examination. In most cases, it is discovered that the questions that are answered wrongly or can't be answered by students are usually from areas where they believed that they are already grounded in as well as areas that are imagined to be very simple & as such they have no reason to revise such aspects of their curriculum.

A lots of students usually wrongly assumed that they understand a particular lesson the first time it is taught by the teacher. We all know that a lot of students find mathematics very difficult. An excellent teacher who can simplify complex stuffs comes into a mathematics class & demystifies a very difficult topic piece by piece.

Now the students actually understands the topic while the teacher is explaining & then feel that topic is as easy as it sounds. They fail to realize that they are not at the teacher's level & that the teacher must have gone over the material several times & digested it before delivering it to them at that level where they actually understand & feel that the lesson is easy. But there is a catch here. Assumptions can actually set in at this point because a complex, difficult lesson has been demystified & made simple & ordinary.

Assumptions usually comes into academics when a lesson/topic appears too easy. When a scholar assumes & believes that the lesson was easily understood & fails or refuses to go back after the class to do personal study to try & digest & absolved the material that was taught. He will definitely be found wanting when he is examined on this lesson.

For a student who will go back to engage in personal study he's going to find out that the lesson was not actually as easy as it appeared in the class room while the teacher was delivering it & he may need to consult the teacher once again for more explanation & clarification. But the joy of such students is that they won't be caught napping when they are examined on this topic because they have tied all loosed ends & did not leave any-thing to assumption.

How To Deal With the Negative Impart of Assumption

  1. Always engage in personal study immediately after a class.
  2. Study things that are look easy, are actually easy, as well as complex & difficult.
  3. Never take any lesson for granted no matter how easy it may appear to be.
  4. Never assume that you are grounded in a topic when you have not done your personal detailed study of that topic.
  5. Don't leave things to chance.
  6. When preparing for an examination never assume that you won't be tested in all areas. In other words study every-thing.  


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