Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Very Thing Which Jose Mourinho Feared Greatly Has Befallen Him

By Samuel Aniekan Udoh a.k.a De-Prof

Jose Mourinho was a name that was equivalent to trophies, titles & success. In other words hired Jose & you are guaranteed trophies, titles & success. Mourinho is a serial winner. He had a Midas touch as any-thing he touched turned into gold. By the age of 50 he had became the first coach to have won a Grand-Slam of league titles in England, Italy & Spain. He has won a total of 8 league titles in 4 countries, 2 UEFA champions league league with FC Porto & Inter-Milan, 4 FA cups in Portugal, England, Italy & Spain.

He's won a total of 6 trophies in Portugal, 8 trophies at Chelsea, 5 trophies at Inter-Milan & 3 at Real-Madrid for a combined total of 22 trophies. Some of this trophies were won in style. For instance;

  •  He ended a 50 year wait for a top-flight domestic title by winning the premier league for Chelsea in 2015. 
  • He won the UEFA champions league for Inter-Milan in 2010 after more than 40 years of waiting.  
  • He ended Barcelona's stranglehold on La-Liga by winning the title in 2012 for Real-Madrid.
  • He's won 10 finals out of 12 his teams played in.
He once declared that he could die of starvation due to a lack of titles because he needed to feed himself with titles. He did not lose a single home league game between the time he coached Porto, Chelsea in his first spell & Inter-Milan. He won his first 77 home league games at Chelsea .He has won a host of individual award & the best was when he was named the FIFA Coach of the Year in 2010.

He had a really big appetite for winning matches & he had a weakness which was dealing with defeat or failure. He could not cope with nor tolerate failure & as a result he could not stand those who were not as successful as himself. just like Okonkwo the major character in "Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe. He regularly took swipes at Arsene Wenger, Claudio Raneri, Rafael Benitez & Mancini who were not as successful as himself, It even got to a point where he labelled Wenger a Specialist in Failure.

 Even though he predicted that a day will come when the bad results will roll in but I believe he dreaded such a day & never envisaged that such a day will ever become reality neither did he believe that it will get to a point where just a season after lifting the the BPL title he would be sitting just one point above the relegation zone after his team's ninth defeat in the opening 16 games of their premier league defense which culminated in his sack.

All his strong points & strengths deserted him. According to Oliver Hart of the Daily Mail " Mourinho was the ultimate motivator". He was a man who could win the loyalty of a squad of millionaires & get them to lay down their lives for him.

  • He could make his enemies to play for him & love him.
  • He could persuade the lazy to work.
  • He could persuade the lame to run.
  • He could persuade the meek to fight.
  • He could make the hen to fly like a eagle & the elephant to run like a cheetah.
  • He was football's Pied Piper & was feted for it wherever he went as he won hon-ours wherever he went.
But this season, the motivational charm deserted him  & as a result his players stopped responding & Mourinho became powerless. He became bad at his job overnight at his job overnight & paid the ultimate price

Mourinho's loss of his job may not affect him in any way aside from the fact that he wanted to build a dynasty at Chelsea because a Managers of Mourinho's reputation will always be in high demand. but what will torment him is the manner in it happened & this may actually demoralized him & erode his confidence & self-belief for the future. 

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