Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Essence of Christmas

Is Christmas Really Being Celebrated the Way It Should be Done?

Christmas day is a day fixed & set aside to commemorate the birth of Christ 2000 years ago by people all over the world but today it's being practice wrongly.

Why did Christ Come into the World in the First Place?

Christ came into the world to redeem Mankind out of the shackles of sin, satan & evil. Adam & Evil had embraced sin in the garden of Eden & as a result mankind being their offspring's was doomed for destruction according to the law made by God. Even though man was God's friend,God is an impartial judge that does not respect any-one but due to the love which he had for man he decided to make a way of escape..

The only way man could escape was for a sinless substitute to take man's punishment upon himself. The only qualified substitute who was willing to take man's place was Jesus & as a result Christ was born 2000 years ago for the redemption of man from sin, satan & evil.

What Should be our Attitude During the Christmas Period?  

The Christmas period should be a period whereby Christians indulged in sober reflection appreciating the sacrifice of Jesus the more, worshiping, praising , honoring him rather than engaging in frivolities & vices such as:

  • eating & drinking.
  • getting drunk.
  • going high on drugs.
  • illegal sex
  • beach parties
  • clubbing
  • smoking
  • gluttony
  • buying clothes & shoes
  • attending shows
  • unnecessary expenses

So this Christmas period spend more time in God's presence. If you have not yet receive Christ into your life, Celebrate this Christmas by receiving him into your life so that the essence of Christmas will actually be fulfilled in your life.  

Please read & share with at least 5 friends & the Lord is going to bless you richly. Amen!

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