Thursday, 3 August 2017

The Humiliation & Fall of Barcelona Football Club

The Humiliation & fall of Barcelona FC 

Barcelona FC was once regarded as an institution. Real Madrid, Barcelona & Bayern Munich were on another level as far as football clubs were concern. These three clubs were once regarded as elite super extraordinary elite clubs. They had the power, money & influence to get any player that they wanted.  They could also keep any player that they wanted to keep. It was only players that were deemed surplus to requirement by these three clubs that could be purchased by other clubs taking the case of Mandzukic, Di-maria, Sanchez & Ozil as examples.  

It seems that those days are now over for Barcelona. For Barcelona right now it seems to a case of how are the mighty fallen. Barcelona have been unable to land any desired transfer target in the current window. During the current transfer window Barcelona have been twice disgraced by Paris St Germain FC. They have been held to ransom by a player who was never committed to their cause & his mercenary father who serves as his agent. Imagine all the trouble that Barcelona went through just to sign Neymar & at the end of the day their president had to resign & even worst was that Barcelona were ban from signing players for a season because of Neymar to add salt to injury the same Neymar is causing them so much pain.  

Barcelona wanted to buy Verratti from PSG but were unable to do so even though Verratti was willing to move to Barcelona. To add insult to injury Barcelona are now resigned to losing Neymar Jr to PSG. Even exchanging Verratti for Neymar would have been an insult. At the end of the day there will only be one winner in the entire fiasco & that will be PSG FC.  PSG would have accomplished two things & that will be strengthening their club & weakening Barcelona FC. It seems that the glorious days of Barcelona are about to come to an end and that PSG are about to replace them among the top three elite clubs. Barcelona is now a fading force in the world of football. We only pray they don't join the likes of AC Milan & Liverpool who were once football power houses but are not even shadow of themselves today.    

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