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Child Sexual Abuse: Child Sexual Abusers & Those Who Can be Sexually Abused Part 2

We are going to be looking at child sexual abusers & those who can be sexually abused in this post. Ignorance on the part of parents & guardians as regards potential child abusers has exposed their kids to becoming victims of sexual abuse. 

Child Sexual Abusers

Those who abuse children are known as "Child Sexual Abusers". They are offenders because their behavior is against the law. Parents & guardians must watch be conscious of the fact that child sexual abusers are not invisible beings but are people that reside close to to us whom we actually respect & hold in high regard.

Who then are Child Sexual Abusers

Child sexual abusers could just be anyone. They are usually people who have earned our trust & whom we respect. They are people who have access to our children. So you really have to be very watchful. A child sexual abuser could fall into any of the following categories:

  • An older boy or girl.
  • A teenager or even your age mate.
  • An adult (male or female).
  • A father can abuse his own children.
  • Someone a child loves, trust & care about. 
  • Someone a child always loves to play with. 
  • People you with under the same roof.
  • A member of your family e.g uncle, cousin, aunt, nephew, niece, parents, step-parents, grand-parents.
  • School teachers, lesson teacher, coach, swimming instructors, football coach etc.
  • A domestic worker e.g nanny, steward, drivers, gate-man, gardener etc.
  • A clergy e.g religious leader, pastor, reverend father etc.
  • A family friend.
  • A landlord.

However we should know that not every adult is a child sexual abuser. Some adults are good with pure motives & genuinely love & care for children without ulterior motives. If you are not too comfortable with someone being your children please trust your instincts.

Who can be Sexually Abused

We should have it in mind that any child can be abused irrespective of the child's age. A baby who is just one month old can be sexually abused. A child who is just one, or two years can be sexually molested.Teenage boys & girls can also experience child sexual abuse. Female children are much more prone to abuse but boys are also sexually abused too.

Your contributions, comments & questions are highly welcome. You can please share this information with your friends. Let's all help to make the world a safer place for our children. Please help protect the children.    

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