Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Child Sexual Abuse Part 1

Child sexual abuse is on the increase in our societies & it has had far reaching negative consequences in our  society. Most of the vices being perpetrated in our societies are done by people who were once victims of child abuse. Most juvenile cases in the society are as a result of broken homes, death of a parent, destitute children of various ages, and majority of those who end up as victims of child sexual abuse. 

To effectively tackle & deal with the issue of child sexual abuse parents need to be fully aware & conscious that the problem is real & actually happening around them. 

What is Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is the same thing as child sexual molestation,
assault or violation. Child sexual abuse occurs when an adult, older child, or a teenager touches a child's genitals, breast, buttocks or any other private part of the body. This touch will lead to the child being sexually stimulated/aroused, feeling funny & uncomfortable.

Examples of Actions that can be Classified as Child Sexual Abuse

  1.  It is sexual abuse when an adult rubs his or her body against a child in a way to elicit sexual feelings in the child.
  2.  Tongue kissing a child is sexual abuse.
  3.  An adult peeping or watching a child taking his or her bath constitute child sexual abuse.
  4.  Showing nude pictures, films & movies to a child by an older person constitute child sexual abuse.
  5. An adult showing off his or her naked body to a child constitutes child sexual abuse.
  6.  When an adult makes a child to take off his or her clothes with the intention of looking at or touching the child's private part.
  7. An adult requesting or  making a child to touch or play with his or her private body part constitutes child sexual abuse.
  8.  A grown-up displaying pornographic pictures, photographs, magazines, films or other materials with sexual scenes to a child constitutes child sexual abuse.
  9.  When an older person takes the picture of a child without clothes.
  10.  It can also involve an older person forcefully having sex with a child(rape). 


This occurs when a child is sexually abused by a blood relative such as a parent, step-parent, grand parent, uncle, aunty, cousin, brother or sister,

Sexual abuse is bad & can have devastating consequences.  

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