Friday, 24 August 2018

The Two White Twin Poisons: Salt & Sugar

IF    YOU    DON'T     EAT    YOUR    FOOD      AS                        MEDICINE    TODAY,    YOU     WILL     TAKE    
YOUR     MEDICINE    AS    FOOD    IN    THE  FUTURE.                 

Two White Poisons Salt & Sugar 

The food of the modern man is frayed with a lot of hazards. Salt & sugars are two food substances taken either consciously or unconsciously on a daily basis by a lot of people.

Refined Salt

Refined Salt is a very dangerous substance. Our body requires salt but the salt that is sold in Nigeria under different names is refined salt.

The Problems Associated with Salt

The beneficial components of the original salt such as
calcium, potassium & magnesium are lost when salt is refined. Another problem with refined salt is that there is an anti-caking substance that is added to salt to prevent it from caking together. Most of the added anti-caking substance are highly carcinogenic (cancer causing). They include substances such as ferro-cyanide.
Taking refined salt can lead to kidney damage, risk of high blood pressure. Many young people today are now suffering from high blood pressure due to sustained use of refined salt.

Sea salt

Sea salt is a healthy, natural & medicinal salt & should be taken in place of refined salt.  Sea salt is produced from evaporated sea water. It the residue obtained after evaporation of sea-water. When you take sea salt you will obtain all the natural elements present in natural salt. 
Sugar is another problem in our diet today. There is unprecedented consumption of sugar all over the world. We are in the sugar generation. Sugar is very, very dangerous & should even be banned. 

The Problems Associated with Sugar

Sugar is additive. When you take sugar your body craves for more. Sugar has been described as the alcoholism of children. Sugar can cause tooth cavities. Sugar can lead to having non-alcoholic fatty liver. Sugar can increase your bad cholesterol.
Note also that artificial sweeteners like saccharine & aspartame are equally dangerous  
Healthy Alternatives to sugar       
If you have a sweet tongue there are healthy alternatives that you can actually use to make your food sweet and they include:

  • Sta-via
  • Micro syrup
  • Honey
  • Locust beans (Iru)
If you have been taking refined salt please stop it & embrace sea salt today. Also say no to sugar. 

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