Saturday, 11 August 2018

The Journey of Life

Life is like enrolling in a university, even though we may start at the same time we can't all get to the finish point at the same time with the same class of degree. There are those who may need to spend an extra year or two. There are those who may need to repeat an entire semester or session.
In the journey of life never compare your achievements to another person own. Some people may be on the fast lane, while others are going to run on the slow lane. You may be on the slow lane today & on the fast lane tomorrow. Someone on the fast lane may even be crawling but he is going to accomplished much more than a person who is running on the fast lane. The most important thing in this journey is never to stop moving, never give up, always maintain your focus and remember that sometimes slow & steady wins the race. Align yourself with the right people.
Please remember to find joy in the journey of life & also remember that it's your road & yours alone, that others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you. Also know that there will be pleasure & pain, sunshine & rain, loss & gain, but we must remember to smile again & again. Also be open to what is in store some of which you can control some of which you can't. you need to believe & keep on going as your story unfolds.


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