Thursday, 23 August 2018

The Challenge of Our Present Day Environment & its Effect on the Quality of Human Life

The food we consume today & the environment we live in has a great impact on the quality of human life. In the quest for a better life, luxury, comfort & better standards of living the modern man has seriously altered, disorganized, and distorted the earth. Man has deviated from the normal path-way. Man has distorted the ecosystem. Man has put the environment in a state of disorder & chaos and based on the principle of sowing & reaping man is now reaping the consequence of his actions. 

The earth has always been at equilibrium(stable state) but man’s activities has led to a shift of the natural equilibrium & whenever there is a shift from the natural the earth will look for a way to fight back to restore the original equilibrium. The many environmental challenges that we have today are as a result of the earth fighting back trying to restore its natural equilibrium. 
Some of man’s activities that have altered the environment negatively include:
Generation of smoke.
Use of chemicals for agricultural purposes.

Inhalation of smoke

In Nigeria we inhale smoke from:
Cars & generators on a daily basis .
Indiscriminate burning of refuse. 
From candles & stoves.  
From cigarettes either as passive or active smokers.     

Use of Chemicals

Indiscriminate use of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, pesticides, rodenticides has all lead to the deteriotion of the quality of air that we are breathing. 
If the air in some communities is analysed the result might warrant evacuation of some entire communities. In Nigeria take for instance a place like the Niger Delta where the ecosystem has been seriously altered negatively. 


Deforestation has also lead to the elevated levels of carbon (IV) oxide being released into the atmosphere leading to global warming. Trees take in carbon (IV) oxide which causes global warming & breathe out fresh oxygen so they help to purify the air. So people that live in environments where there are a lot of trees actually breathe in fresh air.

The Consequence

This polluted environment has obvious consequences on our bodies & our health. All the factors discussed above ignite what we called free radicals in our bodies.  When this free radicals are generated in our bodies they lead to premature death of body cells, tissues, organs & systems malfunction, accelerated ageing, increase in the risk of so many other diseases. This is the reason why all over the world diseases like cancer, arthritis, diabetes & high blood pressure has assumed global epidemic proportion.  

The Way Forward

Having now found ourselves in this type of environment what are we going to do, how do we survived, prolong our lives & still enjoy good health? There is a need for us to make adjustments in what we take into our bodies as food & drink. 

We need to take the following steps:

  • Make clean alkaline water your friend.
  • Always go for periodic detoxification of toxins from your bodies.
  • Take natural food substances rich in anti-oxidants on a daily basis. 
  • Make a deliberate attempt on your part to include anti-oxidant in our daily diet (food).
  • Take natural fresh fruit juice on a daily basis.
  • Plant trees around your environment & stop deforestation.

These actions will definitely reduce the impact of free radical in our bodies & make the air safer. 

Your contributions, comments & questions are welcome. Read & share this information with others & together we are going to transform the world.    

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