Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Learn how to Sail Against the Tide or Wind

Sailing against the Tide

Life is like an ocean & the journey of life is not always smooth sailing. There will be storms & waves & many times we might have to sail against the tide or the wind as the tide/wind might not be heading in our direction. You don’t have to wait till the tide/wind goes in your direction before you sail as you may have to wait for ever without accomplishing your goals, dreams & objectives. 

If you want to succeed & achieve your goals & dreams you need to conquer the tide/wind & gain mastery over the waves. Learn how to sail when the ocean of life is rough & turbulent. If you can sail effectively when the ocean is rough & turbulent then you will have no problem when it is calm & peaceful. When you can run competitively with horsemen you will have no problem running with footmen. 
Sailing against the wind

Life will never be fair to everyone. Learn how to turn adversity to celebration. Not all chemical reactions occur at the same rate. There are reactions that will occur immediately you bring the reactants together & there are others that you will need to raise the temperature & alter the pressure for the reaction to commence.  There are reactions that are self-sustaining & will run on its own once it has commence & others that will require constant attention, monitoring, catalyst to keep on running. 
No top athlete, sportsman, footballer, boxer, coach etc has ever made it to the top & remain at that top level without paying the price or sailing against the tide/wind. Make up your mind today to start sailing against the wind/tide & you will reap the result. 
Let how to adjust your sail when you can't change the direction of the wind/tide.

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