Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Please Protect your Whats-app Number Phones from Hackers & Scammers

Please Activate Two Way Verification on Your Whats-app number so as to Keep your number from being hacked by hackers/scammers.
The rate at which scammers are hacking whats-app number is quite high.So please for your own safety & security and that of the general public including your friends & family members you need to enable two step verification on your phone for your whats-app number..
When your number is hacked the hacker uses it to scam people & if they go to service provider it is your own details that will be seen not the hijacker's detail. So please make every effort to stay safe please.
Follow the following steps to protect your Whats-app number from being hacked.
The steps are simple and as follows: On your Whats-app home page where every chats is displayed, Click on the 3 periods Select setting Select Security Select 2 way verification. (Ensure you pick codes that you can remember because from time to time, you'll be asked to input your code and also not easy for anyone to hack ) Have a blessed day.


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