Friday, 7 February 2020

Our parents are wicked. They should all be jailed.

I have had these thoughts in my head for months. A post asking if a teacher should eat eba in class finally pushed me to write it.
These days, we all agree that corporal punishment is criminal. Asking a child to stand in class is criminal. Punishing a child by asking him to kneel is criminal.
Use of cane?!!!
The teacher should be locked up in the deepest prison and the keys thrown away!

You see those our parents who will use hot water to cleanse our wounds, they should be jailed.
How dare them to use hot water on their children's body?
Couldn't they go to a doctor and pay money for the wounds to be Treated?
We don't care that the wounds will heal faster because the heat hastens the healing process.
Jail them.
Don't procrastinate. Punish them for their past sins.
When children have destructive behaviors these days, we shouldn't make them face the consequences of their actions.
Remember, we are in the 21st century.
Your neighbour didn't hear. Tell them again.
We. Are. In. The. 21st. Century
You see those days our parents will cover our heads over steam to relief our common cold, we need to jail them for it.
We don't want to know if they did it out of love. They steamed us guys! Steam!
What if we had melted?
Teachers should not correct children these days. Not even if it's an act of love.
Don't teachers know the pains of childbirth?
Don't teachers know the time some parents waited to bear that one child?
They now want to correct his bad behavior?
No o. It's not done.
You see those parents that beat the future armed robbers out of us, we shouldn't take their case to any High court.
Supreme Court straight!!!
Just like those parents of then, these teachers now should be treated like "They don't know what they are doing".
With the way teachers are no longer putting in their best because of increasing unfavorable working conditions, we won't see teachers to train our children because the ones who are supposed to take our place are being trained half-baked.
Teachers are being advised how to do their jobs, what to say, what to wear, even what to eat!!!
I've never read any post advising doctors in what to wear. When will you people come up with that?
Let's not forget the issue of our parents. They took care of us in cruel ways. Let's jail them all.

This was copied from Concerned Parents & Educators Network

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