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The Consequence of Uncontrolled Curiosity Among Youths

The Consequence of Curiosity

 What is Curiosity

Curiosity is the eagerness to known or learn about something. This is usually achieve by asking questions, investigating, exploring, investigating, & experimentation. Curiosity is a natural instinct or characteristics of every human being. In the world of science & technology, curiosity is a catalyst that has led to many new scientific discoveries & technological innovations.

Albert Einstein was said to have declared "I have no special talent aside being passionately curious". However there should be a set limit to one's curiosity depending on the situation. An uncontrolled curiosity could be dangerous. There is this popular proverb that says "curiosity kills the cat". This proverb is used to warn us on the danger of unnecessary investigation or experimentation.

According to the bible Adam & Eve got themselves & the entire world into trouble as a result of uncontrolled curiosity. Pandora in Greek mythology brought evil into the world as a result of uncontrolled curiosity. We should be warned that untamed curiosity can have devastating consequence.

Why are Youths Curious

Youths are curious because
  • Curiosity is a natural instinct of man.
  • Many youths are curious out of fun and out of feeling.  
  • Many youths want to explore new thing using the sense organs of touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing.
  • Many youths are eager to taste, smell, watch & listen, to new things.
  • Curiosity brings about knowledge & discoveries which reduces uncertainties.

Areas Where Youths Demonstrate Unchecked Curiosity  

Youths should try as much as possible to avoid the following:
  • exploring things like smoking
  • taking hard drugs.
  • indulging in immoral practices.
  • consumption of alcohol.
  • cultism
As a youth, your curiosity should be limited to understanding situations by asking questions & in some cases only investigation.

Consequence of Unchecked Curiosity

A lot of people have gotten themselves into serious mess, unpleasant scenarios & unfortunate circumstances, life threating situations due to unchecked curiosity they are either currently engaged in or they got involved in the past. 

Many have ruined their personal, social & financial life. A lot of people have gone into depression & become mentally unstable due to drug abuse & addiction. Many have become street urchins. Many have contacted HIV/AIDS & die prematurely as a result.

Unchecked curiosity have led many youths to serious & fatal health problems. Many have ended up in prison while cases of untimely deaths are also common. Many have become financially & morally bankrupt. 

Avoiding Uncontrolled Curiosity   

There is always a tendency to be curious in things, but endeavour to consciously limit your curiosity to your academic & skill development, success, maintaining good health, morals, virtues & generally good things of life. If as a youth you have already gone deep into unchecked curiosity, or you are showing interest in bad behavioral attitudes please retrace your steps in your own interest 

Friend be curious but take caution whenever it is necessary to do so & remember that curiosity kills the cat.

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