Friday, 22 December 2017

Using your Limitations, Set-backs & Challenges as a Springboard or Catalyst to Success

A lot of people in life usually use limitations, set-backs & challenges in their life & families as an excuse for present & future failure. Many people will tell you that I was intelligent & brilliant but I could not attend primary, secondary school because my parents were poor. There are people who will tell you that they were unable to further their education because they came from a poor background. There are many who have allowed set-backs, problems, physical disabilities &
misfortune to turn them into liabilities.  

There are many others as well who have gone on to actually use their limitations & physical challenges as springboards to success. There are many who have indeed use the problems & physical challenges as catalyst to achieving their dreams & goals.

We will look at some practical examples of people who people who succeeded despite the adverse situations & circumstances that would have hindered them.

1 Stevie Wonder 

Stevland Hardaway Morries, known popularly by his stage name Stevie Wonder, is an American professional musician, singer, songwriter, record producer & multi-instrumentalist.

Stevie Wonder grew up as a child with a serious set-back that would have left him handicapped, frustrated, & a liability for life. He became blind shortly after birth but he never allowed the blindness to make him a burden to the society or his family. He didn't allow the blindness to frustrate him.

Stevie Wonder is considered to be one of the most critically & commercially successful musical performers of the late 20th century. He is married with children.

Stevie Wonder never allowed the blindness to hinder him in any-way rather the blindness spurned him to stardom, excellence & distinction.

2. Nick  Vujicie

Nicholas James Vujicie popularly called Nick Vujicie is an American  Christian evangelist & motivational speaker who was born with tetra-Amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of arms & legs. He is currently married with two kids. Imagine a man without limbs & arms motivating others to success & greater heights, then what is your excuse for not making progress in life.

3. Yinka Obalade
 A young man by the name Yinka Obalade the M.D of Global Bank was asked in an interview," What do you ascribe your greatest success to? " In his speech, Yinka replied that his greatest success is ascribed to poverty.

He was asked to shed more light on how his success is ascribed to poverty. He explained that he experience poverty at the highest level while growing up. He went further to say that even the poor called them poor. They even place curse on others by saying," May you be as poor as the Obalades". 

There was no way his parents could finance his educations he worked extraordinary hard to make sure that he earned a scholarship to high school & also to university. He made sure that he was able to graduate with a first class to stand out from his peers.

Just imagine that the same property people often use as an excuse for their failure in life is the same tool that Yinka Obalade used as a catalyst to success.

Friends please stop making excuses as it will get you no where rather use your set-backs, problems, limitations as a parachute to get to your safe destination & acquire your desires in life. From henceforth begin to use your troubles, problems & challenges as a catalyst to achieving your dreams.

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