Monday, 18 December 2017

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude(Success) in Life

Altitude has to do with height. The height or extent that you get to in life is dependent to a very great extent on your attitude. Your attitude is directly connected with your behaviour. Your success or failure in life is a function of your attitude. There is a direct correlation between your attitude and your achievements. Your talents, natural abilities, potentials can get you to the top but it is your character(attitude) that is going keep you at the top. 

You may be an extraordinary gifted football player but you will need to go for training, eat the right kind of food, go for regular medical check-ups, exercise properly & regularly to keep in shape and be at the top of your game for many years. 

As a student, being a genius naturally or having a high intelligent quotient is not a guarantee that you are going to be pass your examination with distinction or excel in your academic work. You will need to attend classes & pay attention while in class, do your assignments & study properly to be at the top of your game. So your attitude towards your teachers, lessons, books & assignments is going to go a long way in determining your success. 

Discipline is needed in every area of life & in whatsoever we do to get to the top & remain at the top. Getting to the top is never easy but remaining at the top is much more difficult. Your attitude in life will get you to the top & the kind of attitude you exhibit after getting to the top will also keep you at the top. It takes discipline to deal & cope with the euphoria, fans, money & fame associated with success. If you allow your success to get into your head it is going to consume you.

Wladimir Klitschko was able to dominate the boxing heavy-weight division for more that a decade because of his attitude. Cristano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi have been voted the best footballer on the planet in the last decade majorly because of their attitude. 
Mario Balotelli showed so much promise but never reached the heights he should have attained based purely on bad attitude. The same happened to Brazilian Andriano. 
Mike Tyson had the world at his feet every-thing was going on smoothly for him but he had a weakness that landed him in prison twice & on coming out of prison the second time he discovered that he had spent a good part of his peak years behind bars. The fight was no longer in him for someone who had put fear into opponents in the early years of his career. He even became bankrupt for someone who had made enough money to last for a million years.   

Basic Facts about Attitude

Many people today have used their attitude to drive away their friends, helpers, customers, life partners, and destroy their marriages. 

  1.  Nobody is going to tolerate you in the secular world today if you have a negative attitude.
  2.  It is our attitude towards life, friends, employers, employees,customers, our spouse that makes our life 100%. 
  3. Your attitude reveals  the real you.
  4. Your attitude is like smoke which can never be hidden for ever.
  5. Your attitude can make or mar your destiny.
  6. Your attitude can either attract or repel those who are suppose to help you get to the top.
  7. Sometimes the only change you need to make to get a better result is an attitudinal one.
  8. You have to analyse your attitude from time to time & make adjustments if you really want to move forward in life
  9. Having the attitude of I know it all will take you nowhere.
  10. To get to the top you must be teachable.
  11. Never attribute perfection to yourself.
  12. A negative attitude will chase away a potential client in business which is why most organizations tend towards a friendly culture especially as it affects front desk officers.

Remember that in the secular world that no matter how smart & intelligent you are, no one is going to tolerate you for long as your disposition is negative.


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