Monday, 14 August 2017

Is this the beginning of the End for Barcelona Football Club

Barcelona recently sold Neymar  the heir to Lionel Messi against their wish to PSG FC. The sale of  Neymar to PSG FC has weaken Barcelona FC & they even tried to replace him with Coutinho & Dembele which has not actually work out for now. 

During the 1st leg of the Super-Copa against Real-Madrid on Sunday the Catalans for large periods of the game showed that they were missing Neymar.

Barcelona even lost the match after Cristano Ronaldo had been given his matching orders. They could not take advantage of the fact that they were a man up & that Madrid's best player had been red-carded.

Will Barcelona be able to pick up the broken pieces, put their acts together & recover from the embarrassments they have been subjected to recently or are these signs of worst things to come? Will the sale of Neymar going to be the spark that will ignite the fall & destruction of Barcelona FC.

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