Friday, 4 August 2017

Wladimir Klitschko Finally Waves Good-Bye to Boxing

Klistschko Retires from Boxing
Wladimir Klitschko has finally call it a day in the pugilist sport. He has had a distinguished career littered with titles & has reign as the undisputed champion for 11 years although he lost the last two bouts to Tyson Fury in 2015 & Anthony Joshua in 2017. He has after critical thinking & analysis decided against having a rematch with Anthony Joshua.

He has lived a scandal free life both inside & outside the ring and has always been in peak physical condition. He has dominated the sport for a period of 11 years. His fighting style has not always appeal to people & has been described as boring by many but this boring style/tactics has actually make him an undisputed champion for 11 years. 

Apart from the three early losses he suffered in the early years of his career he was almost invincible in the ring. He capitalized on his height & long reach to jab opponent to submission. It was actually Tyson Fury who first exposed the chink in Wladimir's Armour. Tyson Fury made him looked ordinary on the night he defeated him before he was eventually defeated by Anthony Joshua two years after which was actually a more competitive fight compared to the he had with Fury.

Even though he lost his last two fights he leaves the arena with his head held high & a worthy champion because in his last fight with Joshua he gave a very good account of himself as he kissed the canvas earlier in round  & made Joshua to also kiss the canvas before he was eventually knocked out in the 11th round. The Joshua fight was indeed the best fight of his career & indeed one of the best fights of the heavy-weight division in a long while. 

In calling it quits he has actually demonstrated that he knows when to call it a day at the right moment something which great champions like Mohammed Ali, Mike Tyson, & Frank Bruno never got right. He has exhibited tremendous focus, commitment, discipline, determination & has built a good reputation as no scandal came up during his career. He has built a very good reputed inside & outside the ring. He has managed his success very well.

It is difficult to get to the top & even much more difficult to remain at the top because the euphoria of success can swallow you up if you are not careful when you get to the top. It takes discipline, determination, and focus to remain at the top because the fame, money, popularity, are enough to derail you from your vision. Wladimir actually allowed the greater goal of being a champion to continuously be his motivating factor. So we wish him well in his future endeavours.

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